ASD fraction 2 / АСД фракция 2 / Antiseptic Stimulant Dorogov 100 ml / 3.38 oz

ASD fraction 2 / АСД фракция 2 / Antiseptic Stimulant Dorogov 100 ml / 3.38 oz


ASD is a product of thermal decomposition of organic raw materials of animal origin. The preparation is obtained by dry sublimation at a high temperature. The raw materials are meat-and-bone meal, bone and meat waste. In the process of sublimation of matter of organic origin, the elements are cleaved to low-molecular components.

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History of creation

In 1943, the laboratories of several scientific institutes of the USSR received a secret government order for the development of a new generation medical product. This drug was supposed to protect the organisms of humans and animals from radiation, promote a significant increase in immunity and at the same time be inexpensive and affordable for mass production. Many research groups have not been able to cope with this task.

Only VIEV (All-Union Institute of Experimental Veterinary Medicine) in 1947 was able to produce a developed drug that meets all the requirements. The laboratory, headed by a talented experimenter, Ph.D. Dorogov, used in his work an unconventional approach. As a raw material, frogs were used, and the thermal sublimation of tissues with condensation of liquid was chosen as the processing method. The liquid thus prepared had antiseptic, wound healing and stimulating properties. The drug was called ASD, that is, Antiseptic – Stimulant Dorogov.

If Dorogov originally used frogs as feedstock, later he began using meat-and-bone meal. This did not affect the properties of the product obtained, since the high temperature during thermal distillation “erases” information about what kind of organism was chosen as raw material. The first fraction obtained, in fact, was water and did not have biological value. Subsequent fractions, the second and third, were found to be soluble in water, alcohol and fat substances unique in their properties. It is the ASD fraction 2 and ASD fraction 3 that were designed to affect humans and animals.

ASD fraction 3 is used only for external use. Experiments have shown that this drug effectively destroys all kinds of fungi, cutaneous parasites, and disinfects wounds. In addition, ASD 3, officially used only in veterinary medicine, showed excellent results in the treatment of various skin pathologies, such as acne, eczema, dermatitis, neurodermatitis, trophic ulcers. Moreover, ASD-3 effectively helped even with psoriasis, which until then had not been amenable to drug treatment. Experiments to treat people were conducted on volunteers.

ASD fraction 2 was diluted with a water-containing solution and used as an internal and external therapeutic agent. Experiments on animals exceeded all expectations – treatment of a variety of diseases was highly effective and had no side effects. The most successful results were achieved using ASD-2 in combination with other drugs.

A huge number of studies of the use of ASD-2 for the treatment of a number of pathologies of organs and systems have been carried out. ASD-2 was extremely effective for the treatment of bronchial asthma, against which medicine by that time had not yet found effective means. With the help of volunteers, ASD fraction 2, an application for humans, was investigated. As a result of the effect of the drug on the body, the function of the endocrine, immune, nervous and other systems came to normal. Varicose veins were treated, prolonged use of the drug promoted the elasticity of tissues and skin, gave the effect of rejuvenation of the body. In the field of gynecology, ASD-2 proved to be the most effective, successfully curing chlamydia, trichomoniasis, myoma, fibroma, mastopathy, breast and uterine cancer.

After large-scale studies, the drug was successfully used in hospitals and clinics, where party politicians were treated. Quite quickly the drug began to gain popularity in the broad masses of people – first in Moscow, then in other cities. Dorogov A.V. received thousands of letters with words of gratitude from the healed patients, whom official medicine recognized as hopeless. The current situation required the recognition of ASD-2 as an official drug intended for the treatment of people. ASD fraction 2 by that time proved to be the most effective drug for the treatment of gastrointestinal, pulmonary, skin, oncological, gynecological and cardiovascular diseases. But scientific medical workers, who occupy the highest positions in the Ministry of Health (candidates of sciences, doctors, academicians), jealously reacted to the fact that such an effective multifunctional drug was invented not by doctors but by a veterinarian.

On Dorogov began to exert a certain pressure, first hinting, and then “strongly advising” to change the name of the drug, removing the letter “D” from the abbreviation, at the same time including a number of high-ranking “luminaries” of medicine. Officials from science wanted not only to receive a part of the copyright to the invention, but also to learn the secrets of the preparation. Dorogov refused, for which he paid – the prosecutor’s office in Ukhtomsky district initiated a criminal case against him, accusing him of commercial use of the ASD. An investigation was conducted, during which people were tried to find victims of the drug. But these efforts were in vain – there were no casualties. Moreover, it turned out that Dorogov created two production facilities for his personal money – for the Institute of Veterinary Medicine and for home use. Thanks to the second unit, the development and creation of ASD were carried out in the shortest possible time. The investigation also found out that the scientist released the drug and advised people on its use for free. As a result, the case was closed.

Dorogov continued his research activities, and identified yet another area for SDA fraction 2, applications for humans. Nervous overload, disruptions in the endocrine system for many men turn into a disease of prostatitis. If ASD-2 is used as one of their treatment components, the cure passes quickly and effectively. In addition, the drug taken for preventive purposes, improves metabolism, cleanses the body of toxins, increases vitality.

The highest party leaders were instructed to investigate the effect of the drug on prisoners. ASD-2 was primarily used to treat and prevent tuberculosis, which is widespread in places of detention. As a result, it was possible to reduce mortality several times. The use of ASD led to the fact that many medications were not in demand. In parallel, the SDA was successfully tested by military doctors, curing many people, including high-ranking doctors, from serious diseases. In 1952 the pharmacological committee of the Ministry of Health of the USSR introduced the ASD (fractions 2 and 3) into the pharmaceutical directory and permitted the use of the drug. As a result, the SDA acquired in Moscow a crazy popularity – for a bottle with a liquid fraction, people literally stood in lines for days. At the same time, scientists continued to carefully study the SDA, studying its physico-chemical characteristics and properties, biological activity, pharmacological efficacy. The perfection of the technology of manufacturing the preparation continued.

What is the ASD?

ASD is a product of thermal decomposition of organic raw materials of animal origin. The preparation is obtained by dry sublimation at a high temperature. The raw materials are meat-and-bone meal, bone and meat waste. In the process of sublimation of matter of organic origin, the elements are cleaved to low-molecular components.

The drug has a double name: an antiseptic stimulant. The name contains the essence of the effect of the drug on the body. A pronounced antibacterial effect is combined with an adaptogenic function. ASD is not rejected by the living cell, because it corresponds to it in its structure, penetrates through the placental and tissue barrier, does not cause side effects, restores the hormonal background, normalizes the work of the peripheral nervous system, increases the body’s resistance to various harmful effects. Such determinations as tissue preparation, biogenic stimulant are quite applicable to SDA. Speaking about the ASD of fraction 2, the use of this drug for a person, one should first of all note its main unique property: the ASD does not oppose any kind of microbes, but increases the body’s defenses that cope with any microbe. Immunomodulating properties of ASD are due to the fact that the drug is easily integrated into the metabolic processes of the human body, restores the normal functioning of cells, ensures optimal functioning of all vital systems.

A wide range of therapeutic action allows the use of an antiseptic stimulant in diseases of various etiologies. This is asthma, hormone-dependent tumors, infertility, eczema, psoriasis and many other diseases. The drug is affordable and completely harmless to the body, not addictive. Only in one ASD fraction 2 is not perfect – it has a very specific smell. Rid the drug of this “fragrance” is impossible, all attempts have ended in failure – the deodorized antiseptic stimulant loses its active properties. When it comes to life and health, such trifles as the unpleasant smell of a medicine can be neglected. Usually, ASD-2 is taken, literally, holding your nose.

ASD fraction 2

The preparation contains: carboxylic acids, cyclic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, amide derivatives, compounds with an active sulfhydryl group, water.

Appearance: liquid from yellow to dark red (usually light yellow with a brownish tinge).

Properties: high water solubility, sharp specific odor.

The drug is intended for external and internal use.


The drug ASD fraction 2 is most often taken orally, in this case it effectively activates the central and autonomic nervous system, stimulates the secretion of digestive glands, motor activity of the gastrointestinal tract, increases the activity of tissue and digestive enzymes, normalizes the digestion process, increases the resistance (resistance) of the body, normalizes the intracellular ion exchange.

External application of ASD-2 is prescribed if it is necessary to stimulate the work of the reticuloendothelial system, normalize the trophic and accelerate the regeneration of damaged skin and soft tissues, conduct antiseptic treatment of damaged tissues and anti-inflammatory therapy.

The preparation ASD-3 according to GOST 12.1.007-76 belongs to the 3rd class of dangerous substances (moderately dangerous substance), and it is applied only externally. In recommended doses, it does not irritate, is an antiseptic, promotes the regeneration of damaged tissues, stimulates the reticuloendothelial system.

Additional information

Weight 270 g


Volume / Weight

100 ml

Forms of release

Solutions for external use, Solutions for internal use


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Country/Region of Manufacture

Russian Federation

Scheme of admission of ASD fraction 3 for specific diseases:

Fungal diseases of the skin. 2-3 times a day to wash with soap, the affected area, lubricate the undiluted formula ASD-3;
Skin diseases (neurodermatitis, psoriasis, trophic ulcers, eczema, etc.). Compresses with ASD-3 diluted in vegetable oil in a ratio of 1:20. Inside take ASD-2, 1-2 ml per ½ cup of water, on an empty stomach, 5 days, break 2-3 days. If the disease recurs, a second treatment is performed.

ASD fraction 2, human use

The procedure for treatment with ASD Fraction 2 was developed by Dorogov.
Dosage is standard: 15 – 30 drops of ASD-2 for 50 – 100 ml of cooled boiled water or strong tea, taken on an empty stomach 2 times a day for 20-40 minutes before meals.

Scheme of admission: the course of taking the medication – 5 days, then 3 days break. The cycle is repeated until complete recovery.

Scheme of admission of ASD fraction 2 for specific diseases:

Gynecological diseases. ASD 2 fraction orally according to the standard scheme, douching with 1% aqueous solution until complete cure;
Hypertension. The reception scheme is standard, but you should start with 5 cap. 2 times a day, adding one to one every day to 20. Take it to normalize the pressure;
Ocular inflammatory diseases. 3 – 5 cap. for 1/2 cup of boiled water, take orally according to the scheme 5 days after 3;
To stimulate hair growth. 5% solution ASD-2 rub into the scalp;
Diseases of the liver, heart, nervous system. ASD-2 orally according to the scheme: within 5 days of 10 cap. for ½ cup of boiled water, break 3 days; further 5 days for 15 caps, break 3 days; 5 days for 20 caps, a break for 3 days; 5 days for 25 caps., Break 3 days. The course should be carried out until stable positive results are achieved. If the illness worsens, you should stop taking it for a while. Resume after the abating pain;
Diseases of the kidneys, biliary tract. The standard scheme of reception and dosage.
Toothache. Cotton swab moistened with ASD Fraction 2, attach to the sore spot;
Impotence. Orally 30-40 minutes before meals, 3 – 5 cap. for ½ cup of boiled water, course 5 days after 3;
Cough, runny nose. 2 times a day for 1 ml of ASD-2 per ½ cup of boiled water;
Colitis, gastritis. Dosage and administration are standard, but take the drug 1 time per day;
Thrush. 1% solution of ASD-2 externally;
Urinary incontinence. 5 cap. on 150 ml of cooled boiled water, 5 days, a break of 3 days;
Gout, inflammation of the lymph nodes, rheumatism. Orally 5 days in 3 to 3-5 cap. for ½ cup of boiled water, compresses from ASD-2 to sore spots;
Cold. Inhalation – 1 tbsp. l. ASD-2 per liter of boiling water;
Prevention of colds. 1 ml of ASD-2 per ½ cup of water;
Radiculitis. For 1 glass of water 1 teaspoon of ASD-2, take 2 times a day until recovery;
Spasms of the vessels of the extremities. “Stocking” of several layers of gauze. Dampen 20% with ASD-2. Circulation is restored after 4 to 5 months of regular procedures;
Trichomoniasis. Single syringing of ASD-2. 60 cap. for 100 ml of warm boiled water;
Tuberculosis of the lungs and other organs. In the morning on an empty stomach 1 time a day, half an hour before a meal. Start with 5 cap. on ½ st. boiled water. 5 days later 3. Next 5 days for 10 caps, break 3 days; 5 days to 15 caps, break 3 days; 5 days for 20 caps, break 3 days; The course lasts up to 3 months;
Obesity. 5 days to 30-4-cap. a glass of boiled water, a break of 5 days; 10 cap. – 4 days, a break of 4 days; 20 cap. 5 days, break 3-4 days;
Ear inflammatory diseases. 20 cap. on a glass of boiled water, orally. Flushing and compresses – topically;
Gastric ulcer, 12 duodenal ulcer. Standard reception scheme.

Oncological diseases

In the presence of precancerous diseases, a standard regimen is used, on external tumors – a compress. The dosage of the drug ASD fraction 2, the use for humans in the treatment of cancer depends on the patient’s age, nature and localization of lesions. ASD-2 will relieve pain and stop the development of the tumor. The author of the preparation, Dorogov AV, recommended in the neglected cases to take 5 ml of ASD-2 per ½ cup of water twice a day. But such a course must be carried out under strict medical supervision.

Scheme of reception of ASD fraction 2 in the framework of the “shock” technique Dorogov AV, used to treat neglected cases of cancer.

The drug is taken every day at 8 hours, 12 hours, 16 hours and 20 hours.
Course 1: at the specified hours within 5 days, 5 drops of the drug ASD-2 are taken.
Course 2: at the specified hours within 5 days, 10 drops of the drug ASD-2 are taken.
Course 3: at the specified hours within 5 days, 15 drops of the drug ASD-2 are taken.
Course 4: at specified hours within 5 days 20 drops of the drug ASD-2 are taken.
Course 5: at specified hours within 5 days 25 drops of the drug ASD-2 are taken.
Course 6: at specified hours within 5 days 30 drops of the drug ASD-2 are taken.
Course 7: at specified hours within 5 days, 35 drops of the drug ASD-2 are taken.
Course 8: at specified hours within 5 days 40 drops of the drug ASD-2 are taken.
Course 9: at specified hours within 5 days, 45 drops of the drug ASD-2 are taken.
Course 10: at the indicated hours within 5 days 50 drops of the drug ASD-2 are taken, course 10 continues until recovery.

A gentle scheme for the treatment of cancer with ASD fraction 2:
1 course, 1 week.
Monday: taking the drug 30 minutes before meals, on an empty stomach. For 30-40 ml of cooled boiled water add 3 drops of ASD of fraction 2 with a syringe or pipette.
Tuesday: 5 drops.
Wednesday: 7 drops.
Thursday: 9 drops.
Friday: 11 drops.
Saturday: 13 drops.
Sunday: a break.
The 2 nd, 3 rd, 4 th weeks are the same scheme. Then break 1 week.
2 course, 1 week.
Monday: 5 drops.
Tuesday: 7 drops.
Wednesday: 9 drops.
Thursday: 11 drops.
Friday: 13 drops.
Saturday: 15 drops.
Sunday: break
2 nd, 3 rd, 4 th weeks – similarly. Further – rest. In case of worsening state of health, stop taking the drug.

Instructions for the selection of the drug ASD fraction 2 from the vial:

Do not remove the rubber cap from the bottle. It is enough to remove the central part of the aluminum cap;
A needle of a disposable syringe is inserted into the center of the rubber bottle stopper;
a syringe is inserted into the needle;
it is necessary to shake the bottle several times, with vigorous movements;
turn the bottle upside down;
we take in the syringe the necessary amount of the drug ASD-2;
remove the syringe by holding the needle in the lid of the vial;
We put the tip of the syringe into a glass with boiled water;
slowly introduce the drug into the water, trying to avoid foaming;
mix the composition and take it inside.

Treatment with ASD preparation fraction 2 according to the method of V.I. Trubnikov

The treatment scheme depends on the person’s age and body weight. The drug is diluted with boiled chilled water.
Age: from 1 to 5 years. ASD-2: 0.2-0.5 ml. Amount of water: 5 – 10 ml.
Age: from 5 to 15 years. ASD-2: 0.2-0.7 ml. Amount of water: 5 – 15 ml.
Age: 15 to 20 years. ASD-2: 0.5 – 1.0 ml. Amount of water: 10 – 20 ml.
Age: 20 and older. ASD-2: 2 – 5 ml. Amount of water: 40 – 100 ml.

Detailed instructions for the selection of the drug above is not accidental: avoid contact of ASD-2 with air, as the drug quickly oxidizes and loses its active properties. After typing, with all the precautions, the necessary amount of the drug in the syringe, and gently mixing with water, without forming a foam, you should immediately drink the medicine.

The drug has an extremely harsh and unpleasant odor, so it is better to take it outside the living room, in a well-ventilated place, ideally – on the street. When preparing a medicine, it is advisable to prepare yourself for its reception. To do this, you need to take a deep breath, and then exhale sharply the air. Close your eyes (so it will be easier to drink medicine), drink the prepared solution, holding your breath a little. Then perform a few deep breaths through the nose, sharply exhaling through the mouth.

You need to drink medicine 30 to 40 minutes before eating. Begin the course with a small dose, gradually increasing it, until you find the optimal for yourself. After a five-day course, a break is made for two days. It is better to start from Monday, so as not to lose count in the calculations. During the first five days, you should drink the drug twice a day, in the morning, before breakfast, and in the evening, before dinner or 2 to 3 hours after it. Starting from the second week of admission, you can drink the medicine once a day, in the morning. Depending on the state of health, breaks between courses can be done for up to a month or more.


for internal use only ASD fraction 2 is used;
in order to dilute the drug (for internal or external use) only boiled chilled water is taken;
If there is no possibility to use ASD-2 with water (for example, children, due to extremely sharp and unpleasant odor), milk can be used to dissolve the drug;
ASD-2 should be taken on an empty stomach, 30 to 40 minutes before meals, or 2 hours after;
1 ml contains 30 – 40 drops of the drug ASD;
Compresses are made from several layers of moistened gauze. To avoid evaporation of the preparation, parchment and a thick layer of cotton wool (up to 12 cm) are superimposed over the fabric, then the whole multilayered structure is bandaged;
the preparation ASD-2 is produced in a closed glass stopper with a rubber stopper. The plug is covered with an aluminum cap. The capacity of the vials is 50, 100 and 200 ml;
The vial with the drug should be kept in a dry, dark place. Shelf life is 4 years, with optimum storage temperature (from +4 to +30 ° C);
when using the drug ASD-2 according to the instructions for use, there are no complications or side effects. There are no contraindications;
Despite the absence of side effects, individuals may be intolerant of the drug. For this reason, it is desirable to carefully monitor the state of health during the course of treatment. With a deterioration of well-being, the course should be interrupted until the causes of impairment are identified;
during the course of treatment using the preparation of ASD fraction 2, you must completely refrain from drinking alcohol. Otherwise, treatment will be ineffective, in addition, the combination of drug and alcohol can lead to a sharp deterioration in well-being;
the drug ASD and to this day has not received an official registration in the lists of medicines of traditional medicine. For this reason, most doctors are very skeptical about the therapeutic qualities and properties of ASD. Some doctors do not even know about the existence of this drug;
among enthusiasts who use ASD fraction 2 for many years, there is an opinion based on their own observations that the drug increases the density of blood. To prevent this effect, you should regularly use lemons, cranberries, sour juices. If there are no contraindications, you can take a quarter of a tablet of aspirin every day;
during the course of taking the drug ASD-2 it is recommended to increase the amount of liquid used up to 2-3 liters per day. Such an approach contributes to a faster and qualitative cleansing of the body from various slags and toxins;
in addition to the two above points, the use of the drug ASD-2 does not require any significant changes in the habitual diet;


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