Rasan (The concentrated mineral complex), 250 ml

Rasan (The concentrated mineral complex), 250 ml


BIO-drug “Rasan” – a mineral complex, helps to purify the aquatic environment in the human body. It has the most powerful antiviral, bactericidal, fungicidal, and algicidal actions from all known compounds. It does not create toxic compounds, therefore it does not have negative side effects and harmful effects on the body.

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BIO-drug Rasan – a mineral complex, helps to purify the aquatic environment in the human body. It has the most powerful antiviral, bactericidal, fungicidal, and algicidal actions from all known compounds. It does not create toxic compounds, therefore it does not have negative side effects and harmful effects on the body.

PHARMACOLOGICAL PROPERTIES of the Rasan bio-preparation:
Mineral BIO-drug “Rasan” has a high oxidation-reduction potential, therefore it is stronger than other antiseptics, it affects different types of microbes, viruses, bacteria, fungi and algae, has a powerful antiseptic, bactericidal effect. Molecules of chlorine dioxide, penetrating through the walls of pathogenic organisms, disrupt the metabolic processes within them, without harming the friendly flora. The main component of Rasan is chlorine dioxide (ClO2), it has high disinfecting properties. It is a yellow-orange gas that is dissolved in water. Despite the fact that chlorine dioxide (ClO2) has the word chlorine in its name, it is not chlorine (Cl2), they are fundamentally different. Their main difference is that chlorine dioxide is an oxidizer and attaches 5 free electrons – oxygen atoms, chlorine only 2 electrons are chlorine atoms. Therefore, chlorine dioxide is non-toxic, does not form toxic hazardous compounds and is harmless to us.

AREAS of APPLICATION of BIO-DRUG RASAN: At the domestic level:

  • Disinfects drinking water for a long time, regardless of its pH;
  • Eliminates water from foreign odors and flavors (destroys phenols, phytoplankton);
  • Successfully detoxifies various toxins: T-2 mycotoxin, Brevetotoxin, Microcystin, etc.;
  • Eliminates the fetid smells (shoes, toilet, garbage) that arise from the decomposition of microorganisms;
  • It is ecologically safe – its waste solutions in the sewage system break down into water, oxygen and common salt, bind surfactants, favorably affect the environment.

FOR MEDICINAL PURPOSES: Skin diseases, pustular acne, skin cancer, Addison’s disease, sweating of legs, bacterial vaginosis, furuncles, herpes, chest compressions, cysts, fungal diseases and infections (Candida), carbuncles, mites, lice, dandruff, dermatitis, eczema, ulcers, Grover’s disease, sweating, urticaria, impetigo, scabs, insect bites (elimination of the effects of poisons), eczema, itching, leprosy, lichen, acute lupus, Lyme disease, melanoma, smallpox, nail fungus, open wounds, pellagra, poison ivy, psoriasis, scabies, shingles, staphylococcus, sunburn, sif foxes, papillomas, warts, inflammation, toothache, hepatitis C, tuberculosis, gastritis, colitis, stomach ulcers, varicose veins, alcohol and drug addiction, recovery from heart attack and stroke!

PRECAUTIONS! Do not bring an open vial close to your face and nose! Do not heat the concentrate above 35°C (95°F). In case of overheating, before use, cool to operating temperature in order not to lose the useful volume of the active component. In case of contact with skin or eyes, rinse with water. Keep away from children! Before use, always dilute with water 1ml to 50-100ml of water! COMPOSITION: one-component aqueous concentrate that does not require additional activation, the main active ingredient is chlorine dioxide (CIO2) in a well-balanced concentration. The liquid of yellow color has a specific smell. SHELF LIFE: 1 year in a dark cool place from 0 to 15°C (59°F). Always close the container tightly. Concentrate and prepared for use, protect from direct sunlight. The sun deactivates the agent.

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Taking the drug inside (calculation for an adult weighing 70 kg):
It is necessary to start with a dose of 1 ml. Using a measuring cup or a plastic syringe (without rubber), add the concentrate to a 1-2 liter plastic bottle with plain clean water – apply in small doses throughout the day.
“RASAN” is much more effective if you drink it most of the morning and always before eating. For a stronger alkalization of the body You can add 1 teaspoon baking soda to 2 liters of solution. It is better to use pure or medical sodium bicarbonate NaHCO3. The next day, increase the dose by 1 ml. for 1-2 liters. And every next day, add 1 ml to the daytime reception until you feel that you have reached the maximum dosage at which you have a weakness, without getting nauseated. In this case, make the concentration less, and after several days continue to increase. 10-15 ml is the optimal daily dosage. Nausea or diarrhea are good symptoms, but not more than 2 hours, then just dilute the solution with water. In the case of diseases that are not life-threatening, it is sufficient to use in the amount of 5-15 ml per day for 1-2 liters of water.
In special cases, you can apply 5-10 ml per 0.5 l of water per 1 reception.
RULE #1: Optimal for you is the greatest dose of the drug, which does not cause weakness, nausea.
RULE #2: Reduce concentration to the usual reception, but do not stop. ENEMA with the preparation: an additional procedure improves the work of internal organs, more effective intake inward. First, do cleaning – clean the bowels with clean warm water (1-2 liters). You can add a tablespoon of soda. Repeat the procedure two / three times. After cleaning, prepare a solution – 4-7 ml per 0.5 l of pure water. Try to keep the drug inside for as long as possible. It is allowed up to 2 procedures a day. Reduce the dosage of the active substance if symptoms of diarrhea or nausea appear.

INHALATION: not more than 1 ml of “RASAN” per 100 ml of hot water, it is very easy to inhale, not deep.

COMPRESSES: Once a day for 1 hour to treat the inflamed areas of the body, except for the face – 1-2 ml of “RASAN” per 100 ml of warm water, moisten gauze, put on a problem place, cover with a film, and warm it with a warm cloth.

BATHS with the drug. It is not a bath that is a gas dissolved in water. To improve the effect through the skin and remove toxins from 30-80 ml of the drug, we add water to the bath 37-38 ° C. Wash well before use. The procedure takes from 20 to 40 minutes. With improvement of well-being – the procedure time and concentration can be doubled. Perhaps, dissolve in the bath sea salt or soda. Do not add flavors and foaming products to the water.



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