Tincture Phallus Impudicus, 1L


Tincture mushroom Phallus Impudicus.
Regular use of Phallus Impudicus for medicinal purposes helps to lower cholesterol and normalize blood pressure, which has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, and therefore the fungus is prescribed for the treatment and prevention of hypertension, ischemic heart disease, atherosclerosis.

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Tincture mushroom Phallus Impudicus.
Phallus Impudicus is a mushroom, quite common in the middle latitudes, from Europe to the Far East, grows in deciduous forests, likes the neighborhood of broad-leaved trees such as oak or beech.
This fungus is unusual in many respects. One of its main features is the rapid growth – in favorable conditions for a gavel grows literally in front of you, adding five millimeters per minute. Because of this, the life span of the Phallus Impudicus is not long, only 2-3 days.
Unusual are also fungal embryos located in the ground, they have the shape of an egg, and in the people they are called – mushroom eggs. They reach 60mm in length and 50mm in width, have a whitish-gray or soft green color. It is these mushroom eggs that are most valued in folk medicine, since it is believed that they have the highest concentration of medicinal substances, and later, at the stage of the ripe mushroom, they are partially lost.
Phallus Impudicus in the stage of a mushroom egg is used for food, even in its raw form, has a soft jelly-like structure and a pleasant aroma of fresh radish. The ripe mushroom acquires a sharp repulsive smell of rotting meat, which attracts to itself flies that carry its spores. This is the mechanism of its reproduction. One can not fail to mention the specific phallic form of the fungus, for which it was called an immodest, sham fungus, its Latin name is Phallus Impudicus.

The content of phytoncides, natural antibiotics, is high in the fungus, and therefore vesicle tincture has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. Locally tincture vesicles are used to treat long-term non-healing wounds, trophic ulcers. Also tincture of Phallus Impudicus is recommended by folk healers to external use for the treatment of acne, fungal lesions on the hands and feet, inflamed hemorrhoids, cracks in the rectum.
Along with chaga and shiitake, this fungus is considered a powerful antitumor agent. It is found that in addition to a high concentration of phytoncides, the Phallus Impudicus contains substances that stimulate the activity of lymphocytes, the main cells of the immune system. This is due to increased production of perforins, special proteins, by which lymphocytes attack pathogenic cells for the body, including atypical ones, characteristic of malignant tumor diseases. Therefore, the use Tincture Phallus Impudicus as a treatment for malignant and benign tumors is fully justified, but it is not recommended to do this uncontrolled.

Regular use of Phallus Impudicus for medicinal purposes helps to lower cholesterol and normalize blood pressure, which has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, and therefore the fungus is prescribed for the treatment and prevention of hypertension, ischemic heart disease, atherosclerosis.
In addition, treatment with ointment is used for diseases of the circulatory system, digestive, respiratory, musculoskeletal and immune.
In fact, due to the property of stimulating the body’s own defenses, treatment with a Phallus Impudicus is shown in most diseases, including those caused by herpes, hepatitis A, B and C, papillomaviruses, and even HIV, as well as a restorative medication in weakened patients and those, who are recovering from severe illnesses, extensive surgical interventions, in people exposed to radiation.

USEFULNESS of Tincture Phallus Impudicus.
The mushroom contains a large number of polysaccharides, phytoncides, terpenoids, antioxidants. The listed substances, together with organic compounds are considered useful for the human body.
Tincture from it has a wide spectrum of action. On the person it influences as follows:

  • purification of blood vessels, normal pressure;
  • positively affects the work of the heart;
  • The tincture successfully heals ulcers of the stomach and intestines. It helps to remove toxins and harmful substances from the body. Peristalsis is improved, and the digestive system is revitalized;
  • with the help of tincture treats male and female diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • Phallus Impudicus is used for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system – for the therapy of arthritis, articular diseases, gout;
  • thanks to increased immunity, the drug perfectly fights against viral and infectious diseases;
  • with the help of tincture treat fungal lesions, dermatitis, psoriasis, trophic ulcers;
  • the agent is used in the treatment of oncology.

Tincture is recommended to take to prevent the above diseases. But, do not abuse it, so as not to cause negative effects on the body.

It is not recommended to prescribe pregnant and lactating women, as well as children under five, because studies have not been conducted on the effect of treatment on a person’s body in these periods, characterized by increased vulnerability.
Since Phallus Impudicus stimulates immunity, it is not recommended to use it in persons suffering from autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatism, psoriasis, scleroderma, etc., as it can provoke an exacerbation.
Treatment tincture is not prescribed for individual intolerance.

TINCTURE STORED in bottles of dark glass, in a cool dark place. Do not filter out.

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The use of Tincture Phallus Impudicus is carried out in two ways: externally and internally. In some diseases, the agent is used by two methods simultaneously.

EXTERNAL USE. To heal wounds, bruises, frostbite, ulcers, fistulas and other skin lesions, pulp from the tincture is used in the form of lotions. Such lotions will also help in the treatment of joints. Skin cancer is treated in parallel and with the help of taking the drug inside.
INTERNAL USE. Inside the veselka is used for oncological diseases. The drug is drunk at 45 grams per day for 30 minutes before eating. Begin the course of treatment with a tea spoon, gradually increasing the dosage. Such therapy will help the body to get used to the strong effect of tincture. Duration of treatment is one month. Then take a break for seven days and repeat the course. After the second course of treatment, the break is done for two weeks and the third course of therapy is repeated.
REMEMBER! The use of tincture inside is contraindicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as for children under twelve years of age.
Not oncological diseases are treated by taking tinctures orally three teaspoons a day for 30 days. For the purpose of prevention, the drug is recommended to take two teaspoons a day for one month.

In the treatment of EXTERNAL DISEASES: skin cancer, psoriasis, burns, frostbite, varicose veins, as well as hemorrhoids, radiculitis, rheumatism, gout, etc. Tincture is simultaneously drunk on a teaspoon in the morning and in the evening and is used for lotions, compresses, trays, grindings.

TREATMENT ULCERS. Wet cotton swabs and apply them to ulcers and other damage to the skin.

TREATMENT LIVER and PANCREAS. For the therapy of inflammatory processes in the liver and pancreas, it is recommended to take a tablespoon twenty minutes before eating.

TREATMENT ULCERATIVE DISEASES. Tincture take inwards for 15 grams before eating, for 30 days. Then take a break of 14 days, and repeat the course of treatment. Ulcer disease in this way is treated together with drugstores. Thanks to this disease can be successfully cured. Before starting treatment, you should always consult your doctor.

TREATMENT SICK JOINTS, gout, osteochondrosis, sciatica. Every evening they rub her into the area of ​​sick places.

Coryza, cough, tonsillitis, bronchitis are treated by taking the infusion inside one spoon twice a day for 14 days. With the flu and cold, the forehead and maxillary sinuses are lubricated with infusion to remove the swelling.
Tincture can be taken inside by two teaspoons to prevent flu during seasonal viral epidemics.

TREATMENT FEMALE DISEASES. To treat erosive lesions of the cervix, the cotton swab is impregnated in a tincture of fungus and chamomile in a proportion of 1: 2, respectively. The impregnated swab is placed inside the uterus for a while.

MASTOPATHY can be cured in this way: dilute the tincture with water in the same proportion. Add the clay in such a way to get a thick mass to create a cake. Put the burrito to your chest. In order to heal faster, it is recommended to take the medication also inside by a teaspoon for 30 days.



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