Bioactivators / Biostimulants

What are biostimulants?

• Biostimulants are stimulators of biological origin that are formed in isolated tissues of plant and animal organisms in the process of adaptation to unfavorable conditions of life.
• Biostimulators exhibit a certain biological activity and nonspecific stimulating effect on metabolism in the body.
Biostimulants are isolated from plant tissues and animals that were in unfavorable conditions (cooling, ultraviolet radiation, weak illumination), as well as from peat and mule estuaries, in which biogenic elements were formed from extinct microflora and microfauna.
• Use biostimulants for inflammatory degenerative and atrophic diseases, to stimulate and improve metabolic processes in the body.

So, what are biostimulants and what effect do they have on our body?
In the broadest sense of this word, the biostimulator is an instrument, a drug or a means that has a positive stimulating effect on the internal life support systems of a person.
The action of biostimulants in most cases is based on the effective activation of metabolism in sick organs, as well as on increasing immunity, that is, resistance to various infectious diseases.


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